Palm Pre Gets Denied by Apple



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I don't see why Pre used iTunes as a selling point to the Pre. Now the people that have spent their hard earned money have to sit and deal with this cat and mouse game that the Pre is putting them through. They should have known that Apple wasn't going to put up with them putting a hack and having iTunes recognize the Pre as an older version of an iPod. Apple also warned Pre and Sprint so that their customers wouldn't be without a syncing option. If Pre would have worked with Apple and been on the up and up then they might of had something here. Instead they chose the other route and their customers are getting the raw deal. Pre has advertised over and over that they offer Amazon and just how great of an alternative to iTunes that it is. (And I agree to some point although I use iTunes frequently I find myself using Amazon just as much if not more). Pre should of gotten with Amazon and made an alternative to iTunes and offered some way to port their iTunes music (DRM Free music) to their syncing software. Did they really think that Apple would allow this to happen. I have seen commercials from Sprint claiming just how great the Pre is and that they are saving $1200 dollars a year over iPhone users. It is very ignorant of Pre to do this especially since they are gunning for the iPhones number one spot. They where not on the up and up with their customers and sold them a hack and claimed it was a selling point that Apple was with. Shame on Palm.



While there may always be some way to sync a Pre with your Mac, most users will not care about that unless it's dead easy. The workarounds (even as simple as DoubleTwist may be) will not appeal to the average user.

If Palm truly wants its iTunes compatibility to appeal to the mass market, it had better either work out a deal with Apple (unlikely) or create its own PC music interface.

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