Palm Will Keep Re-enabling iTunes Syncing



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Apple could just stop being so butt-headed about who can access its products.

Yes, Apple has every right to control who and what accesses its products and services, and Palm has to be one of the world's dumbest countries to keep forcing its customers to put up with this nonsense. However, there's a really good reason to change it's policies, and it all boils down to what it does best: Keep it simple. Palm probably wouldn't have taken the route it did if iTunes wasn't popular, and while it's easy to say that iTunes wouldn't be popular without the iPod, I seriously doubt people would have wasted much time with either one had iTunes not been so simple.

Rather than waste all of this time blocking third-party vendors from syncing with iTunes, Apple should create a way for third parties to create easy plug-ins that utilize iTunes as their main syncing app. It should, appropriately, be licensed-based - third parties can tout authorized capability without hacking, and Apple makes a profit on sales of products outside of their company. This would be a good win-win scenario: Customers would retain their ease of use with authorized third-parties, Third parties would have an easy and stable platform to develop to work with, and Apple could easily expand their profits and market share, as well as Mac-compatibility, by doing so.

Of course, the big problem is that Apple is probably too afraid of seeing another "clone" situation which almost helped to bring the company down years ago - understandable, since Apple probably doesn't want to lose the spots it has gained in the markets they're big in. A pity, nonetheless.

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