Parents, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Buy In-App Purchases



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not impressed by the story...i don't know how to buy smurfberries but there are only two logical ways...

1. Through the tradtional apple way where a password MUST be put in before a purchase can be made
2. If it's "in game" then the owner has obviously put in a password and letting your kid play with anything that has a password on it is your fault if things go wrong. What is to keep your child from emailing your boss?

this is a non-story for dumb consumers...



I completly agree with using parental controls where possible, say a child's iPod Touch, but that is not necessairly the right answer for the parents' devices.

I tried making a purchase of smurfberries to be sure it was still true and the purchase prompts you for your iTunes password. It is not as simple as clicking on the smurfberries and the account being charged.

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