Patent Holder That Won Against Microsoft Now Targets Apple



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I guess this company sues a bunch of companies, keep their money until they need more. They could be investing more on lawyers than programmers. Another thing, I have never heard about Eolas before.



He is NOT going to win because he has named Youtube as a defendant and all Youtube does is show videos in the browser. In my opinion this company is already fighting a losing battle. I find it in infuriating to hear this kind of thing. I hope this company gets discredited.



Unfortunately for him, he will lose by having his patents ruled invalid since Mozilla/BSD has been doing this since way before 1998 and it's new one will become invalid as well since Mozilla has been doing all this since before then as well. Unless this guy owns BSD/Mozilla, I don't see how he can sue anyone or obtain these patents... Last I checked Eolas was not the owner of BSD/Mozilla, it was it's own entity formed of open source programmers. I can see suing Microsoft for this as their Browser is stolen technology that they have turned into a proprietary browser, Apple on the other hand doesn't, it uses open source technology, which was first developed by BSD and Mozilla.

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