Phil Schiller: You’re Too Sexy for Our Store



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Apple has good thought. They should not make any sexual applications. It will harmful for any company. Ya i know some irregular and bad people have done this. I think they are very ambiguous people about sex and related thing. They have to control their sex interests. Take buy kamagra and go with your partner and feel good sex. After in company you will not have any discussion about sex.



i'm personally against these apps. But apple should define there rules. Are these allowed or not? make up your mine apple. Then people wouldn't make these app for a living any way. and won't get ripped off. or if apple allowed it, it would have peace of mind.



I think this is over the top. I'm a tremendous Apple supporter but this went too far. Apple needs to lay off their sweeping cuts to the app store. people are using this to make a living and find their finances cut off one day because women can't ignore things they don't like and parents don't police their children's internet habits.

if a woman sees nudity in a movie and finds it offensive is the theater going to pull it? no. we need to buck up and have thicker skin in this country. let's try "if you don't like it, don't look at it" instead of "if you don't like it, complain until it's removed at the disdain of all the happy users."

I don't own a single racy app on my phone but i believe in the freedom of others to do it.



Alas, our American media has defined sexy way too broadly. Not all public erotica is sexy, and our youth are defining public acceptability of dangerous sexually-oriented behaviors based on media exposure (when the media have the doublespeak of "we had no idea" and "we know darned well it sells"). I have no problem with Apple trying to strike a balance.

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