Photos: iPhone 4 Launch at the Downtown San Francisco Apple Store



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imma laugh when all these ppl are in line next year on launch day for the next iphone. or for a new one after they drop their phone or scratch the heck out of it



Wow! Great use of English and such warm wishes for others! You seem like a stand-up guy!



So I made it home after work to have my new iPhone 4 waiting to be un-boxed (yes, I took pictures of the unpacking proces). While following AT&T's directions for activation I needed to eject the SIM card and I look in the box and there's no ejection tool! Did my box miss it or did apple decide to not include it with the iPhone 4? Luckily, I had my 3GS box and tool so I was able to complete the ejection. Just thought it was odd to not include it when the last 3 had it.



"After a countdown of 5, 4, 4, 4, 4,..."

Oops! Typo.

I love the article, though.



Is it really that cold to still be wearing jackets in San Francisco this time of year? The low is 75 and a high of 100 today in North Carolina. I may need to consider moving!


Roberto Baldwin

The high will be 70 today. It's overcast and drizzling.

Typical San Francisco "summer" day.


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