Pokemon iPhone App Confirmed for Japan



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Soon the day i can play Pokemon without having to do what my friends have done to play them (jailbreaking) i would get a Japan account just to get it to!



I kinda have to disagree with the iPhone trouncing the 3DS, it's a different market that eats into Nintendo's margin. Sure, obviously the iPhone is going to be more wildly succesful, but was the average joe who has maybe a handful of game apps on their phone Nintendo's target? Not really.

Yes, they're going to cut further into Nintendo's margin, and yes, the 3DS has underperformed so far, but that's almost like saying a synthesizer that can emulate a guitar that is wildly popular is doing well while a signature Gibson guitar is currently floundering. Sure they can both do a similar thing, but they're not exactly built with the same purpose.

And just like I prefer my guitar, I prefer my dedicated gaming handhelds, though admittedly, I do not own a 3DS yet.


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