As Predicted, iPod nano Gets Multitouch



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Bummer about the loss of video recording. It may have been an underused for the cost benefit.

I'm sure there is a simple answer to this- how does this have a built in FM radio and there isn't one included in the iPhone? Cellular radio interference you think? Then at least give it to the iPod Touch crew.

I was a bit hesitant about the new nano, but "got it" when I saw the ad.



Despite my username, I HATE this new nano. The old one weighed nothing, it didn't need to be lighter! It didn't need touch! It might have needed a new interface, but this isn't the answer! What do I do with my movies?! What do I do with my TV shows!? What do I do with my iPod games?! I have a 4GB 3rd gen nano, but I have 1 GB of music, 4 GB of videos, and 1 GB of games! What do I do with all of that stuff?! Buy a Classic. Okay, it wasn't difficult to solve.

Anyone who wants this nano doesn't know what an iPod is, have fun with your overpriced watch.



It's a nerfed nano. The nano used to be a nice crossover between having a shuffle and a Classic, especially if you don't want to pay the price of the Touch. Hell, given the form factor and price it was a worthy replacement for a Classic. Without a capacity increase, less features, and a smaller screen, this is not worth the price.



this is crap its a shuffle with a screen bogus



I am gonna buy this nano ASAP. I wish the 8 GB was $99 and the 16 GB was $129. It doesn't play video. And there aren't even games. Maybe in the future. I want one jailbroken!

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