Pre-iPad Buyers More Stoked Than Pre-iPhone Buyers



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Of course I am going to purchase an iPad!  This is the machine to end all machines, or, something like that....:-DOne of the potential features that I am the most excited about is to hopefully, compose music ala Garage Band (or some similar 3rd party app - Adobe...??) with my fingers, on the thing!And, of course, doing everything else that I do, in terms of digital media, and design.I think that the touchscreen interface will be far faster with regard to creating, well, anything, than the traditional mouse/trackpad (magic, or no magic).I am a Mobile Me member, so, for storage, my iDisk will work out beautifully.This is certainly the Star Trek type device that the entire world has been waiting for.Amazing work, Apple, a always.Also, if this device pushes HTML 5 development forward ever so much faster, than I am certainly all for it!Wouldn't it be awesome to have a new version of iWeb for this device that easily (since Apple is on board with the HTML 5 standard) integrates new kinds of web development, and interaction?Here's to hoping that iLife will make it to the iPad!  It is CLEARLY the next revisionI am NOT looking forward to the zoos that will accumulate outside the Apple stores before launch.Stay safe out there, and for heaven's sake, DON'T KILL ANYONE!!  No device is worth that!



My only question is whether to buy the early wi-fi only model or wait for the 3G rig. Either way, I want 64 gigs of space. I plan to store and watch our movie collection on the device.

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