Preorder 3G iPads Get Marching Orders, Still on Schedule



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We are grateful to you for informing us that you have.



Very nice share thaks for iPad 3g


Fantastik Resimler



yes! I got my email too... Still a guy I know who works at Best Buy said he would not get them until May 3rd one month exactly to the day of the release of the wifi version? So yeah it ships "late April" prob. the 30th (friday) and arrives on the 3rd (monday). You heard it here first... had this information last week! Scooped!



Yeah, been stewing over this "Late April" and can't let it go.I'll just assume April 30th and give myself a break.

Still, I'd like to know what "Late April" means...grr!



I got this email, too. As far as I'm concerned, the email translation is, "We're aware you ordered an iPad 3G and nothing's really changed regarding the ship date. Continue to stand-by".

Anyone have any solid rumors/intell about the ship date?
 EDIT: Just noticed has the 3G ship date listed as May 7th.



Come on Apple, what is the actual ship date for those of us who pre-ordered the 3G? You had an actual date of April 3rd for the WiFi only, how is it you can't pick a date for the 3G? We all know, that you know exactly when it will ship, what is the reasoning for "dangling the carrot" with the lame "Ships Late April" statements. Late April is not a date, it is a time frame. You know exactly how many your going to ship, you know exactly where they are going, you know when your going to charge my CC, let's go, just announce the date already. You have announced all relevant information regarding the WiFi only and the International launch, but you have treated those of us who followed blindly and pre-ordered on March 12th, as throw away customers.

Come on already!

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