President Obama Singles Out Steve Jobs’ Success Story



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Steve is the perfect storm and completely suigeneris. He is a Henry Ford (brought a revolutionary product to market) and Lee Iacoca (saved Chrysler from total collapse in the late 70's / early 80's). He's created so many Jobs for people at Apple and people in industry that simply USE products that he helped create that he should probably be awarded Medal of Freedom or something. where would be without this guy's insight and drive?



« [...] President frequently accused of pushing the United States toward socialism» Come on ! The author should look SOCIALISM in the dictionary.

I'm from Quebec (Canada), we have here what american call «socialized medecine» and we can't say that our leaders are tributary the the socialist doctrine. We have a Right wing prime minister in Ottawa, and a center-right premier in the Quebec national assembly.

There is nothing NOTHING in Obama's program that can be identified as «socialism». Maybe, maybe he could be tagged Centre-Center-Left ...



Two or three is simply his understated way of speaking. As opposed to demagogues who would make him out to be some kind of hero or devil.

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