Price Drop: The Weekend's Best iOS App Deals, March 8



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Montgomery Lee

Some of the iPad recommendations above have terrible reviews. Look at CineXPlayer HD. Nothing but 1 star with warnings that it crashes. But you recommend it. Why? Did you test it? Does it work as they claim it does?


J Keirn-Swanson

Montgomery, I actually have watched entire seasons of programs on my iPad while using CineXPlayer and I would gladly give it a good review and hgh marks.

However, you misinterpret a news notification of something being on sale as a "recommendation." The entire text of what was said about the app was "If you want to watch a film on your iPad, but it's not an Apple approved format, you're out of luck. Or are you? Down to just $1.99 CineXPlayer HD makes you the master of your media."

It's not really a recommendation. But again, I have used it regularly, it has worked where other alternative format video apps have not, and I haven't experienced any crashes that I can ever think of. I've watched well into triple digits of hours worth of .avi files without a hitch. The UI leaves something to be desired, but since my interaction with that is minimal, I can't really deduct much in the way for that.

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