Publishers Vent Frustration with Apple Over Subscriptions



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I've been subscribing to multiple magazines through Zinio. The National Geographic mag looks wonderful on my iPad
If Apple doesn't want the subscription model than Zinio should sweep in and provide the service for Time and others. .



I subscribe to 30+ magazines. As my print subs expire, as available I've been subscribing through Zinio, although the choice is somewhat limited. I'd far prefer to buy a subscription to an iPad-compatible version, rather than have to do 12 transactions per year. Have been (for a short time) in the magazine business, I know the cost of paper, printing, and mailing are extraordinary; so, at very least, I'd expect to NOT pay any more than the cost of a print sub. Real revenue in most magazine models comes in from ads anyway, although I expect that iPad readership numbers will be low for a while. Nevertheless, Apple should figure this out. I'd love to eliminate all that paper, but I won't pay for the privilege.



Time should just charge a reasonable amount for the digital copy and not do subscriptions instead of being greedy. Someone should do a study to show how much it costs a magazine company to print and mail a magazine to a subscriber. Subtract that from the per issue rate a magazine subscriber pays per issue and then make THAT the price of the digital issue.

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