Puppet Walt on Snow Leopard -- Shut Up!!!



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This is the first Mac OS X update that hasn't given me trouble. I have always been an early adopter and it usually gives me several hours of headaches but I was done with everything in 45 minutes. In comparison I had the blue screen of failure to boot in Leopard 10.5 due to the Application Enhancer preference pane and spent a few hours freaking out and frantically googling before I found out about that preference pane fault which was finally fixed via target disk mode. I also was startled by the lack of classic mode which annoyed me for the simple fact that I have some old video games I couldn't just play anymore. At the time I was using a TiBook so I was able dual boot OS 9 but it's a bit to do just for some casual gaming.

I guess I should mention that this was funny but I found it would have been better suited for Leopard due to the complications that arose from that install.

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