Pwned! Safari 5.0.4 Hacked Using MacBook Air in Five Seconds Flat



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that would be good for me



Yeah I'd like to know more about the test as well. Unfortunately neither you nor 9to5 Mac bothered to get any of the specs. You both mention that Apple released the 5.0.4 update just prior to the test, but according to the rules, the browser version was supposed to be frozen at 5.0.3. I doubt they actually ran the update before the contest.

The tweet from @vupen was:
"We pwned Apple Safari on Mac OS X (x64) at pwn2own in 5 seconds. Congrats to all VUPEN team members for their hard work! Thanks all!"

No mention of the version number. No mention of how. If it required the Safari user to enter an admin password (or if they were provided with the admin password of the Mac being hacked) then it is a #FAIL and a fraud.

And really... pwned? I know that's the term they use but come on.



It wasn't "pwned" in five seconds. The browser was exploited within five seconds after the malicious website was visited, but the exploit took two weeks to develop, with a team of THREE researchers.

I think your article inspires fear into people, which is wrong in my eyes.

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