Radio Engineer Claims Consumer Reports iPhone 4 Testing Flawed



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Laraine Anne Barker

If the Consumer organisation in the US is anything like the New Zealand one, it’s run by idiots who haven’t got half a brain cell to share among them. You do NOT test the performance of a Macintosh against a load of Windows machines by running Windows on it using an emulation program (Boot Camp). After all, would anyone test a load of Windows machines against a Macintosh by running OS X on them using an emulation program? Of course not! So what’s sauce for Windows machines should also be sauce for Macs.


JuanGuapo opposed to the armchair cynics and yellow journalists who have been spreading nothing but FUD for the past few weeks.

There's nothing wrong with the phone that Apple hasn't stated already. iPhone or no iPhone, I thought the CR ariticle was at-best unprofessional and tacky (esp. the duct tape remark). The guy who narrated it wasn't even an engineer--he was the EDITOR! What a joke, and people believed it.

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