Read It Later 2.2 Rejected Over Registration Concerns



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Numbuh One

Add Instapaper to the list too.


Imagine Engine

I agree with Apple rejecting an app from a developer who forces users to first subscribe to the developer mailing list, etc before viewing the app contents even for a trial app. How else are they to know if it's a useful app or not? How are they to be assured from a small time developer that their information won't be abused (ie: sold to telemarketers)? There are sites such as MacLife, Hot or Not and Apple's own user forums that do the correct thing by allowing readers to view content but not be able to post comments before subscribing to the owner of that site. Why doesn't Facebook and Twitter apps follow this common rule? After all there's no reason why Facebook shouldn't allow third parties to search/view user info if the Facebook user opts for anyone to find them. There are games in the app store that may ask for a user info voluntarily if they want to subscribe to a mailing list or user forum. They don't force the buyer to subscribe before being able to play the game. If I was asked that I would be asking for a refund on my purchase.



Yes apps that are simply trying to harvest personal details like email addresses should not be allowed.

This is not that case.

Read It Later asks for a username and password, that is it. Not your name, address, email or anything.

You need that account in order to access your list because the whole point of the app is syncing that list between your phone, iPad, computers, etc. A lot of applications do this, mainly the ones that are built for web services. Think about the Dropbox app for example. The point is to be able to access the stuff stored in your Dropbox account on the go. It'd be worthless without an account.



Is it ironic that I used "Read it Later" on this article? I LOVE this app and hope it gets re-approved SOON! So useful while on the go or at work and don't have time!

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