RealNetworks’ Rinse: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Clean ‘Em Up



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David Weide

I bought Real Networks "RINSE" to clean up my iTunes library and it has been an absolute nightmare. Over and over again I get errors before it even gets to 10 songs (I have nearly 20,000 songs)... it comes up in Rinse and Rinse gives an "iTunes Is Not Responding" message error... I get the same error on a PC as I do on a Mac... both of my computers are fully updated, both are running intel i7 processors with 16GB of RAM... it's not the computers, it is their program.

Rinse depends on Adobe Air, there seems to be some kind of linking error there - but the Real Networks team is unable to figure it out. They keep telling me to do the same thing over and over again -- uninstall Rinse & reinstall, uninstall Adobe Air and reinstall, uninstall Adobe Flash and reinstall, rename the iTunes music library -- then they start back at the beginning "uninstall Rinse & reinstall"... we've been going around trying to fix this error for over 6 weeks.

Definitely don't waste your money on Rinse -- if it works, you might be okay (though I've heard bad things about it from those whose iTunes library did get fixed... if it doesn't work, like my case, don't expect customer service to help you - they cant, or won't....



I've brought old iTunes purchased music back onto my mac mini after being on other HDs or CDs (yes, CDs) and the purchased songs don't even come back in correctly from Apple. I'd be hesitant to spend $39 on something that wasn't directly involved with the purchase of the music in the first place. Then, again, it may have some luck?



Really, after all Rob Glaser has done for Apple, we'd give them $39 to do what a set of free Applescripts can do?

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