Reminder: No Transit Directions in iOS 6 Maps



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It didn't recommend the 511 app? That's terrible! 511 is the best site for transit info around the bay area, and the 511 app is great. It will tell you what bus is coming and when, and it's results are far more accurate than Google Maps ever was.

That's not to discount the loss of this feature; It's really a shame to lose this tool on a stock iPhone. But if you want to find your way around the bay area, you want 511 either way.

Also, interestingly enough, the Navigon app just added transit information as of today. They also added an interesting "You parked your car? Great, here's how you walk the rest of the way." feature that just screams out San Francisco.


The iOS 6 Maps works perfectly good for me, it's simple, clean UI. I don't think I'm missing Google Maps. I don't have to carry with me another Magellan GPS in my backpack. The missing option for me is Multi-Destination Routing.

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