Report: Apple Lowered Expectations for CDMA iPhone 4



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They waited too long and priced it too high. There are more competitive Android options at this time compared with when the iP4 was released on AT&T, and the next iPhone iteration, if only September, is relatively imminent.



Also, not being 4G when there are comparably priced 4G Android phones on Verizon is kind of a big deal for people who care about such things.



It is very possible that there are many iPhone users (me) that plan on switching to Verizon once our AT&T contracts are up. Not that I think Verizon is any better than AT&T. I loath Verizon, but they do have more coverage in the places I'm likely to need it. It's one of those "the frying pan or the fire" choices.



If Apple cared to sell more Verizon phones they should have started leaking info about the new iPhone not coming until September. Almost all major news outlets (justifiably) recommended waiting for the iPhone 5 and undoubtedly influenced a lot of people to hold tight to their dreaded AT&T phones.

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