Report: Apple Management Ignorant of Spotify While Making iTunes Radio



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I dare to say otherwise that iTunes Radio has more subscribers already than Spotify.
I seriously doubt there is any ignorance except by the media and the dumb Anal-ists that don't understand Apple no matter what they do. They keep on harping on Tim Cook yet Tim Cook seems in full control and his team knows how to take care of business. The WWDC shows this and if the WWDC was this good, wait until they unveil new hardware. Lot of negative talk out there but no facts to back it up. Just a lot of words and guessing games which 99% are wrong.

They said that Apple was to late about the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad. Again, they were WRONG!
You don't have to be first to the game, you just have to do it better and Apple is in full control of how that's done even if the media and others don't get it. Things don't just happen overnight but it seems if Apple doesn't have immediate success they are written off as failures right away. Yet the likes of Pandora who haven't even made any profit yet are considered successful? Reality sucks doesn't it. Pandora is the failure here, not iTunes Radio. Harp on there execs as the ignorant ones not Apple's.

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