Report: Apple Wrapping Up Work On Ultra-Thin 15-Inch Notebook



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Makes perfect sense. Think about it. If they’re not going to add a Blu-ray drive, there’s no sense keeping a lowly DVD drive. And at this point it’s pretty clear they’re not going to add a Blu-ray drive (except possibly to the Mac Pro—but even then it’s likely to be a BTO option). Message is straightforward: you want an optical drive, you buy the optical drive you want. It’s cheaper from a 3rd party than from Apple, and it’ll be the drive that fits your needs. For most people most of the time, that’s “no drive required”, or more accurately most people only need one optical drive among all the computers in the house. No need for a dedicated optical drive attached to every machine.



I have a first ed. Macbook Air and I also have the optical drive for it. I have honestly used that thing 10 times in the years that I've had my computer, so if they do decide to do this, there are options.



I love the optical drive! Apple: don't get rid of it!!!!!!



I want to say that I can't see this happening, but the more I think about it, it seems possible. I have a mac book pro, but to be honest, I don' t use the optical drive nearly as much as I did, oh.. 3 years ago. The only time I use it now is to burn a dvd, or to rip one, which doesn't happen a lot. Will there be some growing pains? Absolutely. But what is change without them?

On another note, this seems to keep in step with the disturbing trend that Apple has been doing. Lion, FCPX, and now this.. it makes you wonder if Apple even cares about the professional sector now. I got a MBP because it was a PRO, because I needed more features than the regular line up. I guess only time will tell.



Why would they get rid of optical drives????? There are still a lot of people that use optical drives for work. Until the developers of software that you need a cd for, no computer can go completely cd-less.

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