Report Claims Apple Jumping Into HDTV Market This Year



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I've got hopes and doubts on this one. In some ways Apple already makes an HDTV, after all, you can connect cable boxes and DVD/Bluray players to a Cinema Display or even iMac with the right adapters, but how would Apple make this more than just the existing Apple TV built-in to a display?

Facetime is the only major plus I can think of (perhaps with the rumored behind-the-screen camera). Voice control? iPad/iPhone remote control app that shows what's playing on screen? Thin and light enough to hang on the wall with a single nail? Better gaming than iPad-via-AirPlay games?

Maybe my biggest fear is obsolescence. Right now my TV is just a big (expensive) dumb screen, but I can get new features cheaply by upgrading the smart boxes that connect to it. If all the smarts are in the TV, will I have to pay a lot more when I want upgrade those features?



Well, they've shown that they're great at making displays - iMac, MacBooks, iPad/iPhone etc.

I think this would be great, and the right price could define a new category just like the iPad. There are a few TVs that have a sort of in-built set-top box (VU Intelligent TV etc) but they're all really expensive and have limited functionality.

Apple should make a TV with iTunes content, a DVR, Hulu, Netflix, Dropbox etc.

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