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Mr. Peabody

I'm not generally prone to foul language on blogs, but - F#&! the web browser, with or without an iPad. MS tried to do this to the world a decade and a half ago by trying to make an OS that felt seamless between browsing the web and browsing the local machine. Web browsers are nothing but a necessary evil. Dedicated ereaders, especially if they're well done, are hands down and without a doubt superior to using the web for every dag gone thing. And by the way, the Nook on iOS and OS 10.8 and iPad and iPhone and iPod Touch is actually fantastic. Apple's own iBooks is really, especially when compared with other ereader and PDF readers, a most excellent reading experience. Even the latest version of the Kindle reader for iOS kills any web reading experience.

I wonder what a more realistic conclusion is from the Forbe's report, like for instance, maybe simple awareness has a lot to do with the apparent stats that Forbe's obtained. Browsers are long standing and pretty ubiquitous, such that, users may conclude without first-hand experience that, using a web browser is "good enough". Remember the computer using public has been well brainwashed by MS that "good enough" is, well, good enough, until you give something else a try. I wonder how much of that 60%, as reported by Forbes, would easily change to using dedicated reader apps given 14 to 30 days. I'll wager a lot of that 60% would change permanently.

It's an awareness issue, it's really not a preference issue.



i almost never use the web anymore! then again i still don't own an iPad to use the web allot!

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