Report: Google Maps for iOS Almost Ready



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when no users download it what's going to be the excuse? AppleMaps works for me and everyone else I know!



“AppleMaps works for me and everyone else I know!”
Then you, and everyone else you know, don't use Maps much or you are lucky to have used it in areas that are correctly mapped.

Are you for real or do you post as satire of the Apple fan boys?


its DLANTZ again....

Really, MINZ? U been under a rock all this time? You DO know that Google Maps was replaced in iOS6, with Apple Maps, right?

You MUST be joking..



I'm sorry But I do not understand. I have Google Map app on my iPod Touch Version 2, 3, 4 and the New iPod Touch 5 also my iPad2 - What are you talking about? I have been using it for years.



If Apple approves the new Google iOS maps app, does anyone think there’s a chance that Apple did all this just to manipulate Google into releasing an iOS maps app with turn-by-turn navigation?
/wild speculation

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