Report: Mac App Store Arriving December 13?



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If I remember correctly, Apple didn't say "the Mac App Store would arrive in 90 days" but rather that it would launch WITHIN 90 days... big difference where the first one means "it will launch on x date" and the latter means "it will arrive potentially before, but not later than x date." I think it's a distinct possibility that it could launch in the next week or so... look at the revenue stream that opens up right before the holidays and, more importantly, right after the holidays for folks who got a new Mac for Christmas.



Guys, you need to update the captcha. The spammers are taking over here.

What I wonder about is does this thing work through firewalls? Because if some apps are going to be only available through the app store, how will corporate clients purchase their software?

I'm betting most proxy servers (where their people look for places to block to justify their existence) are going to put the hammer down on the Mac App Store.

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