Report: New Mac Pro Unearthed in Mac OS X 10.7.3 Beta?



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"Can it really be 15 months since the Mac Pro was last updated?"

Yes. Yes, it can. The upgrade cycle for the Mac Pro has been growing steadily longer, as apple concentrates on the more consumer (and profitible) market segments with the iDevices and the MacBooks.

I was hoping to hold out till the spring for Intel's already several times delayed E5 Xeon upgrade and the next Mac Pro. But I got my little "You need to update your software, thank you for playing" note from Adobe and had to pull the trigger and upgrade to CS5.5, AND the new Mac Pro to run it on.

Remains to be seen if Apple doesn't discontinue the line. But if you look in any Apple Store, usually one Mac Pro sitting neglected in the corner, with no big MAC PRO graphic on the wall, you'll know the machine does not have much of Apple's attention. I may have just purchased one of the last of the breed.

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