Report: New MacBook Air Outperforms MacBook Pro



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I just geekbenched my MBP 17" mid 2010, i7 2,6GHz. I even with Safari, Mail, iCal, App Store, Skype, iChat running during the test, I have 5659 (OS X 10.7).
Laptop magazine needs to bring their 2010 17-inch MacBook Pro to service :)



Now how does it compare to the 2011 MacBook Pros?



It's not really fair to compare the white MacBook to the Pro. They are two completely different machines for two different purposes. All you did was throw a cheap jab at the MacBook. BTW, I have a MacBook that I bought in June and it serves my purposes very a matter of fact, the Pro did more than wanted so I saved the money for other things.


Adrian Hoppel

joecz2011, not a cheap shot. I love the white MacBook; in fact, it is what I use for much the same reasons as you listed. I was, and am, quite sad to see it dissappear. I was just making the point that while many people, myself included, thought the MBA was an odd choice for an entry level notebook... out of the box it IS very powerful, moreso than the white MB it is replacing. FWIW, I intend to keep my white MB running until some future cat-themed OS makes it obsolete.

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