Report: No One's Really Watching Neflix or Hulu on their iPads



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I actually watch Netflix on my iPhone from time to time, although thanks to the limited licensing that Hulu Plus has I can't watch my favorite shows via mobile devices because their PC only.

Maybe if Hulu got that issue fixed I might actually watch it more!!!!



hmm funny thing is i go to Starbucks and see hundreds of people (coming and going) watching Netflix(or maybe hulu) on there iPads in just the 2 hours I'm there a day. Report verdict: FALSE



I would guess that most subscribers don't have an iPad. I watch both Hulu and Netflix more on the iPad than I do on my main tv with a Bose system. Why? I can take the iPad with me anywhere in the house. Even when brushing & flossing, I'm most likely watching an episode of South Park on Netflix.

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