Report: No Other Tablet Can Match iPad Design Efficiency



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I keep seeing posts crowing the old saw, "Competition is good!" But does anyone--especially other tablet manufacturers--know what that really means?

To the mindless, lazy, profiteers, it must mean, "Knock out something that looks like a tablet cheaply, undercut Apple's price a little, brag about it running Flash, and "open" Android apps, and hope it sells because most people are stupid and won't know the difference."

Back when the iPhone first came out and over the years since with the advent of the iOS SDK and other iOS devices--especially the iPad--I realized that any would-be competitors would have a helluva hard time even matching such a system. After all, it's all built around OS X, and there's factually NO other OS out there that even comes close.

Well, Apple did the ground work with OS X for over a decade, to say nothing of all the development work on the Next OS, its predecessor. Over a decade.

So does this mean there'll NEVER be any real competition for iOS? I say chances are pretty damn slim, especially if Apple continues to innovate--WITHOUT any REAL competition.



You realize that Android has a significantly higher smart phone market share than iOS right?

I own the iPhone 3GS because at the time of it's release, it was by far the best mobile OS available. I've used the iPhone 4 many times and it is amazing. I also do a significant amount of software development for the iPad 2, Playbook, and first gen Galaxy Tab at my current job. And hands down the iPad 2 is the best of the 3.

But then my roommate brought home a brand new Asus Eee Pad with Android Honeycomb and that was the decision changer for me. The iPad 2 with iOS is simply a toy compared to the new Honeycomb tablets. Honeycomb is magnitudes more productive and useful than iOS is. And now with hardware manufacturers surpassing the specs of the iPad 2 in tablets like the Galaxy Tab 2, it's really only a matter of time until Android surpasses iOS in the tablet space just as it has in the smart phone space.

My roommate also just bought a Galaxy S 2 smart phone last night after his last phone was water damaged, and again, it simply crushes the iPhone 4 in power and usefulness.

Android is the Windows of the mobile OS market, and for the same reasons that Windows will always occupy a larger market share in the desktop/notebook market, Android will always occupy a larger market share in the mobile OS department. Just give it time. With that being said iOS and OSX are definitely the best choice for many users, and they both absolutely push their competition to catch up, so thank God for Apple. But open infrastructure will ALWAYS beat closed infrastructure every single time.



Excellent points. There is at least a partial reason that the Galaxy tablets are so great:

Apple Inc. won an agreement from Samsung Electronics Co. that the South Korean company won’t sell the newest version of its tablet computer in Australia until a patent lawsuit in the country is resolved.
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 infringes 10 Apple patents, including the “look and feel,” and touchscreen technology of the iPad, Steven Burley, a lawyer for Apple, told Federal Court Justice Annabelle Bennett in Sydney yesterday. The Cupertino, California-based company sought an Australian injunction and also wants to stop Samsung from selling the tablet in other countries, Burley said without specifying where.
Samsung, based in Suwon, South Korea, agreed to stop advertising the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia and not to sell the device until it wins court approval or the lawsuit is resolved, according to an accord reached by lawyers during a break in the hearing. Should Apple lose its patent infringement lawsuit, it agreed to pay Samsung damages, which weren’t specified.
The dispute between the companies began in April when Apple sued Samsung in the U.S., claiming the Galaxy products “slavishly” imitated the designs and technologies used for its iPad and iPhone. Samsung, which supplies memory chips for Apple, retaliated with lawsuits in South Korea, Japan, Germany and the U.S.
Imminent Launch
The Australian injunction is necessary because Samsung has had “announcements of an imminent launch of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 device ongoing since July 20,” Burley said before the agreement was announced.
Apple is basing yesterday’s claim on a U.S. version of the Galaxy tablet, which is different from the one that will be sold in Australia, Samsung’s lawyer Neil Murray said.
Samsung had no plans to sell the U.S. version of the Galaxy tablet in Australia, the company said in an e-mailed statement today.
The agreement to halt advertising and sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 doesn’t affect any other Samsung tablet or smart phone available in Australia, or other countries, the company said.
Samsung agreed to provide Apple three samples of the Australian version of the computer tablet at least seven days before it planned to start distributing it so the U.S. company could review it, according to the agreement submitted in court.
Bennett scheduled a hearing for Aug. 29 to review the status of the case and set a trial date if necessary.
The case is: Apple Inc. (AAPL) v. Samsung Electronics Co. NSD1243/2011. Federal Court of Australia (Sydney).

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