Research Firm Says Mac Sales Can't Keep Up With Cheap PCs



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He said boobies........ hehheheheheheh



Too bad these companies who have these findings are probably some dudes crunching non-real market numbers in their basement at their mom's house. I find it stupid that people would want to spend 300 bucks on a crappy pc that will end up getting replaced in a year or two at the most. I've worked at best buy and the people who buy cheap pc's end up coming back in 6 months to a year and are dumbfounded at why they are needing a new computer again. Why not make an investment in a decent machine and not have to buy one for 3-5 years.

p.s. the only fools who buy these cheap pc's are 98% MEGA white trash. Its sort of awesome though because most of them admit "man, I ain't gone be doin nothing but getting on them internetz, gettin emails, and lookin up some boobies..."


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