RIM Boss Says iPhone Will Bring Network Doom



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Everyone Data is Data even the signal coming into your home for well-fare TV is data. Your cable and Satellite TV is data but does it slow down and quit because the neighbor is using it??? Do you get a notice that you are approaching your limit??? Oh and another thing this data has been working every sense 1935.....This is all another way to choke freedom. When we are #17 for high speed internet something is very wrong.Research and you will be scared at what you find....



Sure - it's definitely up to device makers to protect the network providers from their inability to build-out networks that can handle the traffic. What a fool - more proof the RIM will also go the way of the dinosaur.



This gentleman is assuming we won't find ways to compress the data being streamed, and won't find ways to improve the bandwidth. Seems similar to saying "we shouldn't send uncompressed bitmap images over networks - those 54KB modems will choke".



this is a pretty shocking solution he offers. the answer is not to go back - as if you could - but to build the structure to handle it. he's pining for days gone. no one is going to give up their iphones and androids to go back to 2006 phones.



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