RIM Gives Mac Users The Cold Shoulder - For Now...



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Last April I took a plunge and bought the Blackberry Storm. My carrier wasn't iPhone compatible and I was still on a contract, and I heard how great of a phone the Storm was.

I soon learned that it wasn't as Mac friendly as people mentioned. I had to use a PC to do OS updates and found PocketMac to be absolutely useless (seriously, worst software I've ever used on a Mac; SimStapler is more intuitive, and Jared Butcher of Song is less irritating) The phone itself was alright, although pretty laggy and crash-prone. BBM was my favourite feature by a long shot.

The new Desktop Manager for Mac is alright, but I stopped waiting for Bell to get their act together for OS 5.0 release. I don't like being dicked around, so I traded for an iPhone. Especially upon hearing that the Storm isn't even compatible to handle the benefits of Bell's new network.

iPhone=Problem solved. There is no substitute.

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