Robbers Set World Record for Cleaning Out Apple Store



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I thought my local news guys were lame. Regional TV news doesn't get any worse than this guy.


I have been to this store many times for APPLE One To One Classes. The thought has crossed my mind each time why to they have the glass doors. Isn't it an open invitation for a smash and grab robbery? From what I understand this store has been hit twice. Does this one qualify for the guiness world record?. As far as the reporter goes Dan Cuellar has been a report for this news station for years. He is not the only one that gives the ESPN / Howard Cosell flair!



Did anyone notice that the security guard looked like he was pulling his pants up.
They must have waited for him to go to the bathroom. LOL



It would have made my day to watch this, however im in a 5 star resort, so is already been made, other than that, im just flat-out hands-down no-backsies speechless.


James Pal

Well the announcer is quite dramatic but this is actually very close to where i live

the most astonishing thing is how FAST they did it wow!



I guess one disadvantage of building super small powerhouse gadgets is that they are easier to steal than bulky plastic windows machines.



Yeah, if the Macs weren't so light but still very sturdy it would have been much harder to steal all of them so quickly, if the reliability wasn't so good they wouldn't garner nearly as much in resale value, and they are just so attractive.  There is a Windows advert in there somewhere. Windows, sure you get unattractive flimsy econo-box computers with viruses and spyware but no thieves are going to steal that many Windows computers that quickly. Lack of desirability equals security for you!!! Reversi!!!!!! Aside: Why isn't Reversi included with Windows anymore? It used to be such a selling point. Balmer was sure keen. ;)


Dave in Kauai

I was more impressed by how they broke the window with skilled practice, like true professionals. I mean, not just anyone could throw a brick at a window like that.

That news channel is AWFUL.



"cleverly wore masks because they knew there would be security cameras"????

yeah, they clearly went to college to learn how to do that...


Roberto Baldwin

I almost spit my food out. I do remember mask wearing 101 being an easy A though.


that announcer is just plain weird. someone assign him to high school sports asap

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