Rumor: Amazon Tablet to Cost Much Less Than the iPad



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have we not already heard this? also amazon do you think you can get DEV's like myself to develop for a company who multiple fails vs. a company that has over 90% market share.

Question for anyone to respond to:

imagine yourself as a small Developer (that makes $1,000,000 a year before taxes) as 78% are.

Would you choose to make an app for a device with 90% market share or one with less then (if that) 10% that also tends to let people make free knockoffs of your apps? Also remember you have a family and employes with families.

2. Cheap is not better take for best example a free droid (without contract) vs. a $200 Droid (with contract) in less then a month your cheaper Droid is outdated & usually not supported by new apps, however your more costly Droid will still be updated for about 3-5 more months (for clarification Droids are NOT a good choice)

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