Rumor: Apple Board Member Al Gore Says iPhones are Coming Next Month



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He should know. After all, he did invent the internet....



As we all know computers use electricity and electricity in most cases, according to Mr. Gore is part of the problem with "man made" Global Warming. Why would he want to be on the board of a company that develops electronic devices such as iPhones, iPads, iMacs, mac pro's, macbook pros, etc which all need to use electricity at some point.

If I were Mr. Gore, I would want to be on the board of a company that works to fight the apparent problem (according to Mr. Gore) of "man made" global warming, a good Green company like Solyndra! At the very least he would've been able to use our tax dollars from Solyndra to make another 100% scientifically proven movie with more pics of coca cola bears floating on ice bergs!



He made that movie so he could make huge financial gains. He has a lot invested in 'green' technologies and he is doing very well by pimping it out. That's his agenda. Plus he wants a legacy other than moron.



He is a greed monger. He just wanted his stock to go up.



hmm i see a replacement of a board member coming soon!

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