Rumor: Apple May Buy Barnes & Noble



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Keith E Whisman

Interesting. I hope something happens to keep book stores from going the way of the Do Do bird and my favorite book store chain, Borders. I like the idea of Apple purchasing it and rescuing it from certain death, but I just don't feel that Apple has the customer base to justify converting all the stores into Mac Stores. Sure if all they sold were Ipads and Ipods they would make some money but WalMart already has that market pretty well saturated. Most people aren't able to justify Apple prices when they can get a Windows machine with about the same or better hardware for much less money. So perhaps if Apple were to purchase the chain they would just maintain the status quot but with a decidedly Apple look and feel. As a PC guy myself I wouldn't mind shopping at an Apple branded book store. The fact that it's a book store would bring me back. Perhaps Apple could come up with a cheap Ipad-ish looking E-Reader for the masses. And also maintain a book store that would bring every class of book reader to the store. Leave the actual Operating System at the door, focus on the books. Keep paper books alive. We as a society will surely be worse off without paper books. It'll be all to easy for future book burning politicians to ban books and destroy them from our world with a click of a mouse and the push of a button.



was reading your reply and read "PC has same or better hardware" and thought to myself when PCWORLD says the best com to run MS on is a Mac i wondered where you got your info? then i read "I'm a pc user" that explained it all!


Keith E Whisman

PCWorld Magazine isn't for the power user. Mostly office cubicle slaves read PCWorld. People like me read magazines such as MaximumPC and CPU. And for a time they also quoted that article as more of a joke. Really though with a PC I can configure anything my budget allows and I can save my pennies and purchase parts as I go along until I have the parts to build my dream PC. Can't do that on a Mac. I can even run Ubuntu linux on my PC and run a script that transforms Ubuntu to mimic Mac OSX but it's just in looks and really defeats the purpose of having something different.
A PC is infinitely configurable verses the set in stone configuration you get from Apple.
But my reply was about how I feel about books and book stores and hoping that they are rescued from the brink. As I said before I don't see having 6 or 7 Mac Stores in each large City as a profitable venture as WalMart and ATT and now Verizon already sell Apple's bread and butter. The Ipads, Ipods, and Iphones.

Here's an observation for you that you can't deny, in fact test it for yourself. Goto your local Best Buy store and take a count of how many people are looking at PC Laptop and desktops and then count how many people stroll through the Apple section. It's not me hating on Mac as I don't hate Mac. I came in here because I noticed all these wonderful articles were missing any kind of replies and responses. Like people weren't reading them or feel the need to respond to them. I figured I would help people that love their Macs as much as I love my PC with some interesting comments.

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