Rumor: Apple TV Getting a Huge Update



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I've been spending a lot of time thinking about this product, and if they allow enough local storage to cache enough content for each piece of media they could provide enough buffer to give consumers a great experience. I would like Apple to consider an option to hang some additional storage off this box for personal content like photos and home movies. I do not want my personal content being managed by Apple. As far as the box handling 1080p, I would say Apple better include more than 16GB of local storage so that consumers can build a huge library of media. I would hope to see at least 250GB of flash memory to ensure users a seamless experience.

As far as the DJR12's comment about wanting to manage all his storage locally, I don't think hes though about the average consumer who isn't interested managing a data center in his home! As we head toward HD content it wont be uncommon for people to own 20 to 50TB's worth of content! When you take RAID protection of that content into account you could be looking at a very complex management scenario that will turn these consumers off in a hurry.
The beauty of Apple is their pursuit of simplicity, and by taking the management out of the home, they stand a great chance of owning the content delivery market.



i would just be happy with the slim part



I mean, network storage has its uses, and Dropbox is awesome and all that (though the local/cloud sync is a big part of the reason why), but why on earth would I want to take something that could be a local network experience and make it dependent on my cable co. not throttling my internet downloads? If I buy a movie, I'd like to have it here on my own equipment, thanks. I have downloaded/streamed movies from amazon and netflix and many others, and the experience just isn't as good as............................. buffering, stand by.................... watching the movie locally.

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