Rumor: Apple Will Refresh the MacBook Pro This Month



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My current two computers - a ThinkPad X201 and an Apple MBA - do not have an optical drive. I have an external DVD-ROM drive that I use if the need arises, but needless to say, I can't even remember the last time I used it. I would rather save weight and have a more compact footprint on a device than burden it with unnecessary accoutrements.



Whatever you do, don't take away the disc drive! Apple has to realize that most people actually use the disc drive on a daily basis.



I gotta say the last time I used the disc drive was when I installed Snow Leopard. Everything since then has been over the network. I've even been pondering the MCE upgrade to replace the disc drive with a second HD.


Adrian Hoppel

Thanks for the comment, arbessjosh. Haven't heard anything yet about killing off the optical drive on the MacBook Pro yet, but it does seem to be on the endangered species list, doesn't it? Personally, I actually almost never use it, and I can't say that I would honestly miss it, especially if removing that component improved the design or performance of the MacBook. I guess we shall see!




I agree with you, Adrian. I very rarely use the disk drive.

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