Rumor: AT&T Will Charge $55/month for Tethering



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This is ridiculous, $55 a MONTH for tethering?  iPhone owners already spend nearly $100 for the data/voice plan they have right now, to add an additional $55 is just plain ridiculous. If they fixed their already overly crowded networks to provide consistent service, maybe, just maybe, $55 might easier to swallow. 



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Back in mid-march...just before my 2nd daughter was born, my wife and I dropped Sprint after 8-years because of lies, empty promises and eventual admitted hatred of us and went AT&T for all our services (U-verse TV, Internet & Phone + Cellular). We read about their reliability both network and support. The truth is, I was coming from an HTC Touch Pro trying to decide whether to go HTC or iPhone. THe main features that pushed me back to HTC was the MMS and Video capabilities the iPhone lacked. However, the AT&T store rep said to if I could be patient, iPhone OS 3.0 would be out for the 3G this summer and those features would be available. So I got an iPhone.

June 17th came and MMS (yet) or video. But a new iPhone has those features. Only a customer for 90 days and the manager at that store admitted that they had issues with that person and she no longer worked there. However, they had it handed down from above that no trade-ins from 3G's to 3G S's were allowed. He noted the incident on my account and said to call Customer Support.

Customer Support not only told me flat out that they didn't believe me, but said they would be happy to allow me to trade-in my 3-month old 3G and pay just $399 for a new 3G S. Meaning, I would be forced to pay a total of $600 for the iPhone I was promised i would be getting...may as well be regular price:(

End of the day...I am just as furious with AT&T as I am with Sprint and am doubting why I left SPrint in the first place. While I am now a Mac Convert thanks to the iPhone, this change in my IT lifestyle was all based on the promises of a new OS that would allow the features that a new Dad on the move needed. Thanks AT&T...still just as worthless and greedy as any other communications company on the planet. Hope these next 21 months go fast so I can dump AT&T and go back to the Can & String method of communication=p



as long as the tethering is as fast as my current Comcast internet, i will cancel Comcast and pay AT&T no more than $30 per month for tethering internet. i'll sure be happy when President Obama brings all US citizens FREE high speed internet, making it a part of the infrastructure of America. hurry please.


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It's unfortunate that AT&T can't find a way to make a profit while at the same time provide a sustainable HSPA network. Here in Canada Rogers charges $30.00 for 6 GB of data which allows tethering on the iPhone 3G/3GS and they don't block MMS. Our HSPA network here went from 3.6 Mbps to 7.2 Mbps. AT&T on the other hand appears to not be upgrading their network to increase data transmission speed or to handle any congestion in the network that may occur.



It is really bad news



While switching to the iPhone 3GS from my original iPhone I was offered a data plan for $45/mth instead of $30 that I was told would later include tethering. So...just an added $15/mth seems to be accurate! :)



Well, at least this is $5/month cheaper than going to Verizon and getting a MiFi for $99 and their $60/month plan (or $40/month for 250MB)...






If AT&T does not have the capacity on their networks to handle large increases in traffic, it has to price the service high enough where only a small segment of the users who value it the most will buy it. If they priced it too low, they would run out of bandwidth. My guess is that the data usage from a user on a Macbook will be significantly higher than that same user on an iPhone if you take into account playing online games, downloading larger apps, file sharing, etc. Besides, what does AT&T have to gain by offering tethering? They already have the iPhone market locked in, so I doubt that any one will not chose an iPhone over tethering and thus decreasing AT&T's user base. Mover, as far as income generation, if tethering fees cant make up the cost of upgrading the capacity of the network, then its a money losing proposition.



The real truth behind all of this is that AT&T doesn't have the capacity to handle the data that the iPhone and its users want to draw from it. Interview one of their engineers, and if he's truthful he'll reveal the widely know fact that ATT is doing everything it can to get people off the network and onto WiFi. $55 a month has nothing to do with a fair price for tethering, and everything to do with discouraging users from tethering.

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