Rumor: Did Apple Alter Images of Samsung's Galaxy Tab?



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it is getting ridiculous with the amount of law suits between all of the cell phone, tablet, computer, you name it manufacturers against each other.

I am not going to sit here and say that apple is right in doing this, but I am not going to just bash apple for doing what every one else is doing. It seems that one suit after another, some probably even preemptive to counter others. I blame lawyers and patent law more than I do the companies, but they all are losers here.



So, Apple is just as crooked as Congress, Standards and Poors, Microsoft, Exxon and everyone else!
I'm tossing my IMac, Itouch, iPad (1 & 2), and everything else Apple. Their all the same!!!



that's not the point it's the look of the device.



You mean a black rectangle? Because that's basically the only similarity. The Samsung's dimensions are different, and there is no physical home button on the front of the device. The Android home screen is completely different from the iPad home screen (the photos submitted by Apple show the Android app drawer). Frivolous lawsuit is frivolous, and Apple seems to be aware of this, as evidenced by their distortion of the appearance of the Galaxy tablet.



well, obviously, the galaxy tab doesn't have a aluminum backing, and the camera isn't in the same place.

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