Rumor: iOS 4.3.2 Update Landing in the Next Two Weeks?



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At this point I wish they'd have something significant enough to address with a Verizon/CDMA firmware update finally. What the hell is the problem here? It's been over a month and two iOS updates, and nothing for the CDMA users.

Yeah, our 4.2.6 firmware came with the mobile hotspot feature. That I don't use. What I really want are features like the HomeSharing additions, so I can stream my library of everything over the air instead of attempting to fit it all in 32GB of space. Also, the minor change of the moving the Location Services toggle out from under the General section and out into the main settings screen where all of the other toggles are (Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, VPN, notifications, now location services... but oh... of course, Bluetooth is still left under yet another unnecessary menu level making toggling these things on and off a complete PITA. If Apple can't incorporate solutions as simple as, say, allowing a toggle to show/hide "toggle icons" for these services, it is no wonder why jailbreaking is as big as it is. The simplest of features that should have been included in iOS years ago still haven't been addressed, but there was always a solution on Cydia for anything they refused to fix/add.

After all, where do we all think Apple stole "folders", background-tasking, etc, etc?

What about this one -- add a simple toggle to allow me to cut off the "spotlight search" or whatever that is if I hit the Home button an extra time. I hate that, I never have once used it to search for anything, and it's an annoyance. I'd enjoy it if I could disable that screen... but there I go, thinkin' again...

Apple, you're on my you-know-what list right now. Between holding back features/firmware from Verizon customers, then a second spit in their faces by the whole Google Voice + AT&T exclusive thing... They're really showing the CDMA customers their arses.

Of course, as always, we get no explanation as to why we're excluded. If there is an issue that is causing a delay in putting out firmware for the CDMA device, then just effin say so. I'd rather be told and expect a delay... I can deal with that -- but this just leaving a few million of their newest customers hanging out to dry like that... bad Apple. Rotten apple. Give me my gd firmware$!@$!

(Finally, my already loose grip on sanity slips... over firmware)

Then again, hearing about all these battery problems, maybe I should think again about wanting to upgrade. I wonder if it's truly as bad as some people say...

Regardless, I don't have to worry about it, because Apple has removed the choice from my hands. :P

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