Rumor: iOS 7 Behind Schedule, "Significant" UI Overhaul Planned?



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Someone has sand in her...stockings... take a chill pill, it's Friday! Nothing wrong with a little substantiated gossip!



In spite of the comments before I think this is the appropriate place to talk rumors. The print magazine should keep them confined to obvious op-ed, but this technically is a daily blog.

This rumor does come from a somewhat reputable source and it's discussion can be useful and productive. I, for one, am always concerned about iOS "upgrades."

My biggest worry and complaint with many of Apple's recent OS "upgrades" is that IME they tend to downgrade the last-gen hardware. They really need to stop that. One example: it's obvious that when iOS 5 came out it was never well tested on even the then current-gen iPod Touches. I know because I had two of them. Both 64 Gb 400 dollar current ones in my household. It literally took iOS 6 to bring (dog-slow) Coverflow back to them.

We all pay damned good money for Apple devices. I think it's ridiculous when Apple cranks out updates that break or gimp hardware that's not nearly old enough to be in need of upgrade. That's why people who are already critical of Apple speculate that they do it on purpose (to get you to buy new shit all of the time. I don't think that's reason, but I understand how someone can arrive at that conclusion.



Thanks for the feedback, Cecelia -- but you should see the mountain of rumor posts published elsewhere that we ignore each weekday! Some of that stuff is pretty far out there.

That said, John Gruber is considered an extremely connected Apple source, and speaking purely for myself, I try to post only rumors that have a whiff of legitamacy, because those are the ones I personally would like to read -- I have never had editorial pressure to post nonsense just to attract page views or ad clicks.




Cecelia Baines

I appreciate your taking the time to respond, but your response was rather weak.

You fell into a defense of, "I know we are guilty of posting rumors, but everyone else is doing it to, but our rumors are not as bad as theirs".

This is no different than the driver speeding along in traffic at 75mph, but everyone else is going 85mph. Their guilt does not excuse your guilt, it just means you have confessed to your bad behavior.

Rumors and gossip are not appropriate in life, nor should it be here. If you maintain ethical behavior, you get minimum two sources, then post. But saying, "we have a rumor guy who isn't as bad as others" doesn't really help your case.



There is a vast difference between rumors and gossip. The tech industry is all about speculation on the next tech advances. I would think we're all especially used to this in the case of Apple. People are always wondering what Apple will do next.

I, for one, appreciate it in this specific instance (OS speculation) because it's relevant to what may or may not be next for my Mac, iPhone 4S, etc. Furthermore, I'm befuddled as to why this causes you so much offense. IMO and with all due respect you seem to be very condescending to the writer over a seemingly trivial matter.



im sorry but i agree with Cecelia... I'm getting really fed-up with rumors... i like the wish lists... how-tos... and other articles


Cecelia Baines

Can you tell me why you would keep publishing unsubstantiated rumors other than just stirring the **** pot?

Seriously, I love Apple and find the products of high quality, and I enjoy reading about the how-tos and apps, but MacLife's constant need to fecal-aggitate via publishing rumors of how Apple is either:

(a) self destructing

(b) losing money


(c) cannot get their collective poo-poo together because there are delays etc

The ONLY reason you do this is to cynically try and get income via clicks and traffic into the website.

Guys, this is yellow "journalism" at best, at worst it is just a cynical cash grab with ethics of a snake.

Blogs - graffiti with (just barely) better grammar.



Someone should relax a little! CNET does a lot more stirring the pot with rumors than this site does. Other sites have reported this as well, so I think the likelihood of there be some legitimacy is good.

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