Rumor: The iPhone 5 Will Have A Metal Backing, Resemble the Terminator



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OMG... This is living proof how slow people can be... As stated above earlier and in the article this is not a photo trying to actually say its a photo of a "official" iphone5 with the metal back nor a prototype of it. Its merely a article saying how the new iphone5 is "Rumored" to have a metal back. There are no photos of it "YET" this was a photo merely used to have some kind of photo for the article. Man... Yes we all know this is a iphone4 with a metal cover on it.. Why? because no one has seen nor has a pic of iphone5 yet... Read the article..

Arrudsky were in the article does it say that this "IS" a photo of the iphone5 in the wild or prototype?



I agree with nick.buth. All it is is an iPhone 4 with a grey piece of metal on the back with the Apple sign and the words and sign below. This is a fake iPhone 5. Probably the only way you will find out what the iPhone 5 looks like is if an Apple employee leaves it it a bar again. :)



For those "Slow" individuals above this is just a photo "As there are not actual photos" of the rumored metal back iphone5.. So this photo was used for the article to just demonstrate a metal back cover not the actual phone..... I wonder how those individuals above can tie their shoelaces let alone figure out a app..



Definitely an iPhone 4 aftermarket part, I have the un-beveled one! Thanks eBay!



I think it is pretty cool looking since, I sent several requests into apple about making a different type of iphone. I think this on is going to work out just fine.



ok really i think all of us knew this was coming some time



It's iPhone 4 with an aftermarket back. 2 screws and i believe that's a pretty easy swap.


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