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Features I want:

- A 10-foot interface designed specifically designed for people who hook their computers up to their TV sets (instead of a separate app like Front Row)
- MySpace integration (for those who use more than just Facebook!)
- The ability to rip Blu-Ray discs (If you're adding playback capabilities, why not?)
- The ability to rip and play DVD's (again, if you're doing this for Blu-Ray discs, why not?)
- The ability to use iPhone/iPod Touch apps on your computer (handy for databases and things that could sync with their devices)
- The ability to add plug-ins for devices (so that we don't have the Apple/Palm stupidity problem)

I can think of more, give me a day or two - these are just things I've been wanting for a while. (Why have 500 apps to do the needs of one or two?)



The ability to re-order apps on my desktop -- in any app -- would be amazing.



I'd like to be able to organize my iPhone apps in iTunes, as opposed to the current drag from screen to screen method on the iPhone.

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