Rumor: iTunes Unlimited



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I'm thinking a different set of people are supportive of the subscription service.



Up until now, you guys have said that you don't want a subscription service, and that they're a bad idea. Now that Apple may be using one, you're all of a sudden all for the idea.

What changed?


Imagine Engine

To help lower the Piracy rate Rogers offers their customers on select devices unlimited downloads through their online Music Store for $20.00 per month. It allows the tracks to be downloaded to either the PC or the mobile device. Unfortunately the iPhone isn't one of them. If Apple could offer this same service for a reasonable price allowing the songs to be moved from iTunes to the customer's iPhone/iPod with out having to pay double for the same song then I'd sign up with them.



I don't feel the need to own TV shows, as I rarely find one worth watching more than once. If they had a version of this for watching TV shows, I'd strongly consider it, assuming the shows I watch are available.



Okay, so let me get this straight . . . you pay $129 for unlimited downloads, but they're not REALLY downloaded, unless you choose to pay MORE to "buy" the music you've already purchased??????

I don't think so. I love Apple and iTunes, but I'm not that stupid.



As long as you want to keep your music, your inclined to pay the annual subscription fee.
If there was a flat rate download that you could keep, I'd sign up. But pay an anual fee to rent my music? Not gonna happen with me any time soon.



I still have my unlimited flight pass for Eastern Airlines. But something changed ......

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