Rumor: ITV Consulting Lawyers Over Rumored Apple iTV Name



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This is a garbage spin on nothing but rumors. As your article states, "They're all just rumors, remember?" Change the title to something more appropriate to rumors.

This type of twisting of information is becoming more common on this site, and it definitely detracts from any kind of quality reading that you may produce. Please use more integrity in the future.



Ok, so it isn't a deeply technical or revolutionary article. But lacking integrity? No so much.

The rumor is that Apple might rename the Apple TV. Not the potential for a lawsuit. As stated in the article - "The Mirror reports..."

The potential for a lawsuit is real, and apparently not a rumor. At the most, the original headline could have had a "?" at the end. Either way, does it really warrant such a reaction?

If you are displeased that MacLife is using headlines to lure mouse clicks - what else do you expect?



I expect that they do what they have now done: change the title to more accurately reflect the story. "Consulting lawyers" is very different from "will sue".



Maybe some journalistic integrity?

And, what's up with these completely incomprehensible CAPTCHAs? I had to go through like 10 before I could find one I could understand.

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