Rumor: Lion Shipping Via App Store?



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I would prefer to use a disk myself. But mostly I have a collection of every OS Apple has made since System 7 sitting on my shelf. It is handy when I buy something off of eBay or from a used Mac dealer. Ninety percent of those will be sans OS disk. Plus what if I want to put a bigger Hard Disk in my Mac, I would like to have the OS on a disk to reinstall from scratch.



I'm kind of hoping they release a USB flash drive installer.

I ALWAYS blow my system away between each major upgrade, not sure how digital download would let me do that without burning it to a disc myself [which defeats the purpose?].



The digital download interests me, but it just took me two and a half hours to download and install Xcode 4. I'd also prefer the disc format because I always get the family pack and it'd be easier for me to spread it around that way (no putting it on a jump drive).

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