Rumor: MacBook Pro Could Be Extinct As Early As Next Month



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Like others have said, this is another rumour that just doesn't fit with how Apple operates.

This is akin to the "air" design for the new iPhone with the tapered back. It simply doesn't work if you wanted to hold it in landscape, and that's a core functionality of the iPhone.

One of the core functionalities of the Macbook Pro is to have a pretty powerful computer with you on the go. As nice as the Air is, it is -not- a Macbook Pro, nor will it be one if it gets a 15" screen.

Like stated, the MBP is about mobile performance: fast processors with large caches, gigs and gigs of RAM, and moderately powerful graphics. The air simply can't compete on any of these things, and were it to, it would cease to be the Air (in particular, the battery life that is a staple feature of the Air would be decimated).

Could I see Apple switching to SSDs for the MBP? Certainly; and once they're large enough and relatively cost-effective, I bet they will. Removing the optical drive? Perhaps...but again many people use them as production machines and being able to burn a DVD with video or photos can be an indispensable way of sharing.

The Air and the MBP are two different target markets. I could easily see the 13" MBP disappearing forever, but the 15" and 17"? It simply doesn't fit.



I don't care if they drop the optical drive
I don't care what they call it.
I don't care if they switch to SSD (that would actually be a good thing)


The point of the pro is power. If it's not Ivy Bridge, Quad Core i7 with a good, possibly dual, video card, and up to 8Gb RAM then I'm not interested. I'll get a refurb October 2011 MacBook Pro instead.



I don't care if they get rid of MPBs, but I would love a 15" Air (to replace my 13" Air) which will hopefully have a 512 GB SSD. Storage is the biggest downside to the current Air lineup. Don't miss the CD ever...




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