Rumor: Next-gen iPhone Specs and Launch Date Revealed



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Unless Apple makes the stupid thing work better, why bother? The GPS was usually off by a half mile or so and could not find a parked car or.... Without Flash implementation internet access does not mean much. (I disagree with the use of Flash for buttons, menus and so on, but that is what most of the major web sites are doing.How about an easily interchangable microSD card port and the ability to sync to more than one Mac, printing and the usual assortment of basics? Maybe a new design team would help. The old one is not very good at getting a useful device out the door. 



If only we could get tethering to our laptops......


Christine Chan

LastMrk: I haven't used the SM app for a while, in fact I don't have it on my phone anymore after cleaning out some apps. But I don't think Simplify Media runs in the background? Whereas the does. I don't use my iPhone for music (I actually carry my 120gb iPod with me) but when I do listen to my small playlist on my iPhone I like to listen to music and do other stuff at the same time. Hope the limited background apps come out someday soon, it would help out with such dilemmas!


could someone update the interactive iphone so that I could try out these new features? I would appreciate any help.



That price would be with a subsidy (new contract) from AT&T for sure. That is, assuming those price points are accurate.

A purchase without contract will probably run the 500 to 600 like the 3G was when it first hit. It probably won't go on sale without contract for at least a few months after launch for sure.

"Si Je Puis"



Is that the pricing with a new AT&T contract or straight up? I hope you dont need a contract to get that price so I can get one when they come out if not I will have to wait another year....



Just curious. Why is it important to have more than 16GB of memory when you can listen to your entire iTunes library on your iPhone without actually loading any of it onto the iPhone? 



I too would like it sooner but knew that wasn't going to happen. I'm using a Motorola Razr. For it's time it was good but might as well be a walkie talkie because internet is useless unless you have hours to burn waiting for a plane or waiting for your grass to grow...

I've been waiting for this new iphone for 2 years. No 3G on the original was a deal breaker. Only 16 gigs memory, and no video on the 3G was the other breaker. It's finally here now though. I'll wait another 2 months because this will be the best phone ever... or until next July.



I wish the release date was a little sooner, cause I'm still using an OLD Nokia 6010 and I've really been waiting to upgrade till these new iPhones come out, and since I don't have internet access (No broadband, no dial-up) at my house the addition of an iPhone would allow me to check my email without having to drive around looking for a Wifi signal.

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